Conference schedule

Thursday, April 4th

09:30-09:45 Conference Opening

09:45-10:25 Quentin A. Pankhurst, Biomedical Applications of Radionuclide-Labelled Magnetic Nanoparticles

10:25-11:05 Holger Grüll, Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging and Therapy

11:05-11:40 Coffee brake

11:40-12:20 Robert Ivkov, The tumor immune microenvironment is reshaped after systemic exposure to magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: A study in mouse models of breast cancer

12:20-13:00 Florence Gazeau, Long term fate of iron oxide nanoparticles in the body: a long and comprehensive survey

13:00-15:00 Lunch brake

15:00-15:40 Sanjay Mathur, Chemically Engineered Iron Oxide Nanocrystals for Transport of Biomolecules Across Biological Barriers

15:40-16:20 Olivier Sandre, Monocore or multicore iron oxide nanoparticles synthesized in polyols and coated with a thermosensitive cell-penetrating peptide

16:20-16:40 Coffee brake

16:40-17:20 Željko Prijović, Magnetic Nanoparticles for Dual Anti-cancer Therapies to Synergize Hyperthermia (MANDATH-SynH)

17:20-18:00 María del Puerto Morales, Magnetic nanoparticles aggregation effects on cellular magnetic hyperthermia


Friday, April 5th

09:45-10:25 Gerardo F. Goya, On the feasibility of improving heat production in magnetic fluid hyperthermia: the time of topology

10:25-11:05 Adriele Prina-Mello, Translational requirements for nanotechnology enable medical products

11:05-11:40 Coffee brake

11:40-12:20 Boris Polyak, Nanomagnetic approaches for vascular healing and cardiac regeneration

12:20-13:00 Ana Espinosa, Thermal therapies mediated by iron oxide-based nanoparticles: quantitative comparison of heat generation, therapeutic efficiency and limitations

13:00-15:00 Lunch brake

15:00-15:40 Vittoria Raffa, “Mechanotransduction of axonal growth: a new strategy based on magnetic nanoparticle to remote nerve regeneration

15:40-16:20 Giuseppe Cirillo, “Functional carbon nanohybrid for improved vectorization of anticancer therapeutics

16:20-16:40 Coffee brake

16:40-17:20 Victor Kuncser, Engineering and optimization of Specific Absorption Rates of Fe oxide nanoparticles in magnetic hyperthermia

17:20-18:00 David Serantes, Taking magnetic hyperthermia and magnetogenetics to the next level: key aspects to address from a basic-physics point of view

18:00 Conference Closing