Olivier Sandre

Sandre Olivier is currently working as Senior CNRS researcher at LCPO Univ Bordeaux /Polymer self-assembly & life sciences. Dr. Olivier has defended PhD thesis of UPMC Université Paris 6 supervised by Pr. Françoise Brochard-Wyart at Curie Institute. He is member of advisory panel of IOP journal Nanotechnology and editorial board of MDPI Nanomaterials. Dr. Olivier received Young Researcher 2012 Award of the Chemical Physics. He is chair of CNRS Institute of Chemistry (2018-2023). Member (2013) and Chair (2017-) of Condensed Matter Division board of the French Physical Society (SFP), Member of RSC and Polymer Group GFP. Current research of Dr. Olivier is focused on: Magnetic nanoparticles (synthesis and properties); Polymer self-assemblies (micelles, vesicles…); Magnetically controlled drug release; Magnetic hyperthermia; MRI contrast agents.

e-mail: olivier.sandre@enscbp.fr