Bilateral projects (2009-2012)

Serbia-Slovenia Technology cooperation: Magneto-electrical properties of multiferroic fluorides and perovskites.

SCOPES project 2009-2011 (No IZ73Z0_1 27961): Alkaline and alkaline-earth alumosilicate materials as perspective ceramic materials for industrial applications. Participants: VINCENT (Dr. Bratislav Antic), University of Belgrade (Prof. Aleksandar Kremenovic) and University of Bern (Dr. Biljana Lazic)


SCOPES project 2014-2017

Metal-Hydride Organic Frameworks (HOF)-new solids for gas adsorption and separation.
Participants: VINCENT (Dr. Jovan Blanusa) and Laboratoire de cristallographie, Université de Genève (Dr. Radovan Cerny)   (more…)


Main goals of MP 1308 COST Akcije (TO-BE) are focused on the development of science and technology of transition metal oxides (TMO). Transition-metal-oxide-based films and heterostructures are at the core next-generation nanoelectronic, microelectromechanical and macroelectronic devices expected to revolutionize fields of major social relevance as digital information and communication technologies, microactuation/microsensing and energy conversion. Such class of materials is characterized by an unprecedented wealth of functionalities, often being relevant to different fields of application, found in compounds that are extremely similar to each other in terms of chemistry, crystal structure and fundamental mechanisms. The necessity to handle the unprecedented complexity of these materials rescales efforts of solid state scientists to a higher level and poses challenges that no individual Institution or Nations can face.  (more…)