Center of excellence

The mission of the Centre is to explore, understand and explain the physical properties of materials suitable for technological and biomedical applications as well as dissemination of knowledge at both Regional and European level. VINCENT is designated to be the backbone of the ongoing as well as future foreseeable National R&D Programs in new materials, and to represent the “centre of gravity” for all researchers in the field not only at national stage but also on the regional and international level.

Centre is founded as the part of the “Vinca” Institute, by the Serbian Ministry for Sciences and Environmental Protection, and it was further supported trough FP6 Programme Priority FP6-2002-INCO-WBC/SSA-3 , Project Title “Increasing research excellence, industrial utilization and education of the public by reinforcing National Centre for knowledge-based materials in Serbia and Montenegro”.

Very recently the Center was awarded by EC with the prestigious grant of EUR 2.4 million within the FP7-ERAChairs-Pilot Call-2013 for the realization of the MAGBIOVIN project.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • Development of the contemporary trends in Materials Sciences R&D by increasing the level of human research resources of the VINCENT, as well as by completing and upgrading the necessary S&T equipments.
  • Increasing the level of awareness and education of potential users in Serbia in the field of knowledge based multifunctional materials. The target group will be SME’s, universities, other institutes, and larger companies from the country.
  • Strengthening Centre competitiveness by cooperation and networking with European scientific community, hosting peer scientists from abroad, and by raising the qualification of specialists in research and technology development.

Specific objectives are:

  • Promoting the R&D of new materials in the country
  • Supporting young scientists and staff education