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for Knowledge-based multifunctional materials

VINCENTCenter of Excellence for Nanomagnetic and Radiolabeled Materials – has been founded with the support of the FP7 ERA Chairs 2013 -MAGBIOVIN- Project (2014-2019) coordinated by the “Vinca” Institute. VINCENT’s main goal is to pursuit the cutting edge R&D in the field of Nanomedicine by combining in a synergistic manner both human and material resources of two Laboratories from the “Vinca” Institute, the Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory and Laboratory for Radioisotopes. Both Laboratories are unique in the country regarding their respective scientific fields, and they have gained a rich experience in multidisciplinary approach by joint participation in several research projects supported by EU, regional and national funds.

Condensed Matter Physics Lab has been devoted to the research in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials for more than forty years, and during this period expert knowledge in the synthesis and magnetic properties investigation of advanced magnetics has been acquainted. In the last two decades, the research has been mainly oriented towards manganites, ferrites and iron-oxides in the nanocrystalline form, with the emphasis on their biomedical applications.

Laboratory for Radioisotopes possesses a several decade long tradition in the research and production of radioisotopes, and in collaboration with the leading national medical centers they have developed a number of radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostics and therapy. It represents a country’s unique center for the Production and Quality Control of different radiopharmaceuticals, licensed by the Serbian Ministry of Health.

The VINCENT’s mission is to further develop the application of radiolabeled nanomagnetics in theranostics of malignant tumors, with the ambition to expand the research towards utilization of nanomaterials in both environmental protection and biosensors for diseases detection. Besides further development of Center’s research potentials, this will be achieved by intensifying regional and international networking with other R&D centers of the compatible research interest, as well as through improved interaction with potential stakeholders such as medical centers and pharmaceutical companies.

Improved human and material resources, reinforced networking and increased visibility will result in significantly raised VINCENT’s competitivity in future calls for funding at the regional and European level.

VINCENT Activities

Conference “Magnetic nanoparticles and their applications in medicine”

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Conference “Magnetic nanoparticles and their applications in medicine”

Belgrade, April 4th and 5th 2019. MagBioVin conference “Magnetic nanoparticles and their applications in medicine” Venue: Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, Studentski Trg 1, Belgrade

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