Željko Prijović

Dr. Zeljko Prijovic received his PhD in biochemistry (medicinal enzymology) at School of Chemistry, University of Belgrade. Major focus of his work has been cancer research, more precisely development of low toxic therapies of tumors. His specialties are enzyme/prodrug therapies as Prodrug Monotherapy (PMT), Antibody-, Virus- and Bacteria-Directed Enzyme-Prodrug Therapies (ADEPT, VDEPT, BacDEPT), in vitro and in vivo tumor models including human tumor xenografts and orthotopic tumors. He has three patents regarding enzyme/prodrug therapy approaches and won two prizes for development of new technologies for pharmaceutical companies. After long-term engagement in Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan and School of Medicine, University of Patras, Greece, he is recently engaged in Nuclear Institute Vinca as ERA Chairperson on a project “Strengthening of the MagBioVin Research and Innovation Team for Development of Novel Approaches for Tumors Therapy based on Nanostructured Materials” (MagBioVin). Focus of the project is development of tumor therapies based on combination of magnetic nanomaterial, radioisotopes and biomolecules to overcome some of limitations of application of magnetic nanoparticles in oncothermia.

e-mail: zprijovic@vin.bg.ac.rs