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Selection of new ERA Chair holder for MAGBIOVIN project

We are happy to announce that the Selection Panel has chosen Dr. Zeljko Prijovic as the best candidate for the ERA Chair holder position.


Open ERA Chair position

The Vinca Institute, University of Belgrade, Serbia, announces the open ERA Chair Holder position for the MagBioVin project, funded by the grant of 2.4 million EUR within the FP7-ERAChairs-Pilot Call-2013 programme  since May 5th 2014. The position is a replacement for the recent ERA Chair stepping down and will be effective Sep 1st 2016. Through the MagBioVin project, EC has been supporting the Vinca Institute to upgrade its capacities for the highly specialized research on activated magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) and radionuclide labeled magnetic nanoparticles for application in biosciences, pharmacy and medicine. During past two years, MagBioVin project has been significantly advancing and gained expertise in developing magnetic and radioactive nanomaterial for diagnostics and therapy of cancer and related diseases. The key role of the new ERA Chair holder will be in assuring continuity of the recent and envisioning new research directions. Toward that goal, the ERA Chair should possess a research vision complementary with past/recent status of MagBioVin project.  Additionally, s/he will assure improvement of existing organizational structure, national and international networking, and communication with stakeholders. The final Project goal is to raise both human and experimental capacities of the Vinca Institute to the level that ensures considerable scientific and technological impact within ERA, and its ability to compete with leading EU research institutions. The Chair holder has to be an internationally renewed researcher (category R3 or preferably R4 in the European Framework for research careers), experienced in multidisciplinary research covering biochemistry/biophysics/pharmacology field, with a clear vision of research complementary with recent MagBioVin interests, ideally with expertise in nanomedicine and translational anticancer research.


Visit of Dr Ian James Bruce, Emeritus Professor of Nanobiotechnology, University of Kent, UK

July 14th, 2015, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca

During the two day visit of Professor Ian Bruce from Nanobiotechnology Research Group, University of Kent, Magbiovin team members had opportunity to learn and discuss about multidisciplinary research of this excellent group in the field of molecular biology, organic and inorganic chemistry and materials science. The eminent expert from the field of Nanobiotechnology gave lecture Nanobiotechnology at the University of Kent with the principal themes focused on Structured nano- and micro-composite materials and Surface activation and modification chemistries.

Magbiovin workshop- Advanced Techniques for physico-chemical characterization of MNPs

July 5th, 2015, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca

Three guest researchers (Dr S. Music, Dr M. Ristic and Dr S. Krehula) from Department of Chemistry of Materials, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia have visited Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca during the two day Magbiovin workshop. In order to establish long term collaboration between two groups and strengthen networking on regional level, researches from both groups presented latest results and exchanged ideas. During the second day of workshop, researchers had opportunity to learn about application of ICP techniques from colleagues from Institute of Chemistry, technology and metalurgy (Belgrade, Serbia) and state of art TEM equipment.

Given lectures:

  1. Dr M. Ristic Formation and properties of metal oxide nano/microstructures
  2. Dr S. Krehula The ifluence of metal cations on synthesis and microsture properties of iron oxides
  3. Dr J. Pantic Synthesis and characterization of ceramics based on sphene
  4. Dr B. Dojcinovic Application of ICP techniques in determination of elemental biodistribution
  5. D. Popovic FEI TEM Commercial Presentation


Magbiovin workshop for undergraduate students

May 14th, 2015, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca

Magbiovin project team has organized the workshop for undergraduate students (second and third year) of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University. The workshop with the title “Magnetic materials and application of MNPs  in biomedicine“ was dedicated to the developing new field of scientific research. Following subjectes were discussed during the lectures:

Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles suitable for biomedical applications (Violeta Nikolic, PhD student),

Nanoparticle phenomena and magnetic hyperthermia (Marko Boskovic, PhD student),

Magnetic materials for industrial applications (Vojislav Spasojevic, Senior scientist).

Practical exercise Application of magnetic measurements in stoichiometric investigations of solid solutions (Vladan Kusigerski, Senior scientist) was designed to acquaint students with different approaches and methods used in the analysis of experimental data.


Selection of ERA Chair holder for MAGBIOVIN project

We are happy to announce that the Selection Panel has chosen Prof. Dr Andrzej Szytula as the best candidate for the ERA Chair holder position. As an outstanding and internationally recognized scientist in the field of magnetism, he was selected to be the Scientific Coordinator of the MagBioVin project with the main goal to help the MagBioVin team to accomplish excellence and capacity to compete with EU teams for European grants on an equal footing. He will supervise and coordinate the following project activities:


Kick off Meeting

The “Kick-off” and the first Steering committee meeting is scheduled for April 27th/28th in Vinca Institute, Belgrade. The Steering committee (SC) consists of eminent scientists from EU, selected on the basis of their scientific reputation and earlier collaboration with the members of the project team. The members of Steering Committee are head representatives of peer scientific institutions: Dr. Gerardo Goya (Nanoscience Institute of Aragon, Spain), Prof. Lotfi Bessais (ICMPE-CMTR, CNRS), Prof. Z. Jaglicic (Institute of Mathemiatics, Physics and Mechanics, Slovenia), Dr. Emil Bozin (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Dr Marian Mihalik (Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovakia). They will have advisory role in: a) reinforcement of human resources, b) establishing the new international connections, c) knowledge and technology transfer. The large experience of our strategic partners role is particularly important in the beginning of project realization, in order to help the integration of MagBioVin team in European Research Area.


First “ERA Chairs” to boost research excellence in 11 regions

Eleven universities and technical institutes in less developed regions in Europe are to receive up to €2.4 million each in EU funding to boost their research capacity though the appointment of the first ever “ERA Chairs”, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, announced on Monday. The initiative aims to bridge Europe’s innovation divide by attracting top academics to organisations so that they can compete with centres of excellence elsewhere in the European Research Area (ERA).



Strengthening of the MagBioVin Research and Innovation Team for Development of Novel Approaches for Tumour Therapy based on Nanostructured Materials