Magbiovin workshop for undergraduate students

May 14th, 2015; MagBioVin Workshop Magnetic materials and application of MNPs  in biomedicine

Magbiovin project team has organized the workshop for undergraduate students (second and third year) of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University. The workshop with the title “Magnetic materials and application of MNPs  in biomedicine“ was dedicated to the developing new field of scientific research. It was organized within FP7- EraChairs project in order to increase the visibility of Vinca Institute at national level through knowledge dissemination as well as to present MagBioVin project activities and research results.

Following subjectes were discussed during the lectures:

Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles suitable for biomedical applications (Violeta Nikolic, PhD student),

Nanoparticle phenomena and magnetic hyperthermia (Marko Boskovic, PhD student),

Magnetic materials for industrial applications (Vojislav Spasojevic, Senior scientist).

During the workshop, students had opportunity to adopt basic principles of investigation of magnetic materials. Lectures started with the description of different synthesis methods commonly used for synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles and continued with the introduction to their structural and magnetic characterization. Beside the explanation of different experimental techniques and procedures used in scientific research, students also learned about potential applications on MNPs in biomedicine and industry. Practical exercise Application of magnetic measurements in stoichiometric investigations of solid solutions (Vladan Kusigerski, Senior scientist) was designed to acquaint students with different approaches and methods used in the analysis of experimental data.