Advanced synthesis routes for MNPs Part II

July 5-6th, 2015; MagBioVin Workshop Advanced synthesis routes for MNPs

Three guest researchers (Dr S. Music, Dr M. Ristic and Dr S. Krehula) from Department of Chemistry of Materials, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia have visited Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca during the two day Magbiovin workshop.

In order to establish long term collaboration between two groups and strengthen networking on regional level, researches from both groups presented latest results and exchanged ideas. During the second day of workshop, researchers had opportunity to learn about application of ICP techniques from colleagues from Institute of Chemistry, technology and metalurgy (Belgrade, Serbia) and state of art TEM equipment.

Given lectures:

  1. Dr M. Ristic Formation and properties of metal oxide nano/microstructures
  2. Dr S. Krehula The ifluence of metal cations on synthesis and microsture properties of iron oxides
  3. Dr J. Pantic Synthesis and characterization of ceramics based on sphene
  4. Dr B. Dojcinovic Application of ICP techniques in determination of elemental biodistribution
  5. D. Popovic FEI TEM Commercial Presentation