MAGBIOVIN / Work Packages

ERA Chair Holder: prof Dr Andrzej Szytula

WP1Strengthening of MagBioVin human resources (WP leader: Dr Bratislav Antic)

The primary objective of this workpackage is reinforcement of MagBioVin human resources in order to enable successful cutting-edge research in multidisciplinary area of biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs).

WP2Provision of experimental facilities (WP leader: Dr Jovan Blanusa)

This WP addresses the weakness concerning lack of specialized equipment for the state-of-the-art research on the application of nanoparticles in biomedicine and funds for maintenance of existing facilities. Thus provision of the equipment planned within this WP is directed towards the enhancement of the Vinca Institute existing experimental infrastructure for R&D in this field.

WP3Adoption of Advanced Methodologies and Know-How (WP leader: Dr Sanja Vranjes Djuric)

This WP will provide adoption and development of the state-of-the-art methodologies that are currently used in cutting-edge researches on application of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) in biomedicine by dedicated workshops organized in the Vinca Institute. Several key methodologies will be covered through activities of this WP such as: advanced methods for synthesis and physicochemical characterization of functionalised MNPs, methodologies of MNPs applications in biochemistry and medicine, radiopharmaceuticals in medicine (focused on radio-nuclide labelled MNPs in diagnostics and therapy), monitoring of the therapeutical effects on the cancer cells, numerical simulation methods of radiotherapy effects.

WP4Outgoing mobility and reinforcement of international cooperation (WP leader: Dr Vladan Kusigerski)

This work package is aimed to increase the mobility of MagBioVin researchers (researchers, young scientists, and PhD students) and to facilitate the exchange of know-how and experience between MagBioVin and knowledgeable EU strategic partner institutions.

WP5Dissemination and Promotion (Task leader: Dr Marija Perovic)

There are several main objectives defined within this WP: Promotion of the Project to both scientific and non-scientific public at local and national level, in order to increase the visibility of MagBioVin excellence and awareness of its scientific goals; Knowledge dissemination, sharing and networking at national and European level by presenting MagBioVin project activities and research results to the international scientific community; Dissemination towards educational centres and stakeholder institutions.

WP6Project management (Dr Vojislav Spasojevic)

The main objective of this WP is scientific, financial and administrative coordination and full implementation of MagBioVin project activities. Tasks anticipated for this work package will ensure: Execution of all planed Project activities in accordance with the defined time-table and within the adopted budget, Permanent and coherent cooperation with Era Chair and among the members of Project Management Board, Regular assessment of Project execution and achieved results, Regular communication with the Steering Committee, Risk management and conflict resolution by implementation of the contingency plan an its adjustment, Clear communication with the EC project officers and budget transparency in accordance with the EC contract as well as Increased visibility of MagBioVin project achievements at the national, regional and European level.