MAGBIOVIN / Objectives

MagBioVin has four strategic objectives defined below together with corresponding specific objectives:

  1. Qualifying for the cutting edge applied research regarding biomedical application of MNP
  • Reinforcement of MagBioVin human resources in order to enable successful cutting-edge research in multidisciplinary area of biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs)
  • Improving material resources through provision of the new equipment critical for research and application of MNPs in biomedicine.
  • Adoption and development of the state-of-the-art methodologies that are currently used in contemporary researches on application of MNPs in biomedicine
  1. Integration of the Vinca Institute in ERA
  • Establishing and strengthening of the firm connections with high profile European research centers
  • Joining current research activities of EU institutions toward biomedical application of MNP
  • Joint presentation of achieved results in peer reviewed journals and leading international meetings
  • Preparation of common project proposals for future FP calls
  • Restitution of stronger links with the key stakeholders by involvement of their experts in project activities concerning transfer of knowledge, dissemination and promotion.
  1. Attaining the leading position in the WB region and high visibility at the European level
  • Creating the critical mass or researchers capable of sustainable high level application oriented research
  • Transfer of knowledge to stakeholders from scientific and medical community, leading to enhanced visibility and impact of the MagBioVin activities at national, regional and EU level.
  • Enhancement of the awareness of nanoscience usability that will lead to increased investments in its medical applications
  1. To reinforce institutional intellectual property strategy, innovation and technology transfer potential