Bilateral project Serbia-Slovakia for the cycle 2019-2021

Project title: Investigation of the complementarity of analytical techniques for determining the biodistribution of magneticnanoparticles

Project manager: Dr. Biljana Dojčinović, Principal research fellow

Team members: Bratislav Antić, Aleksandar Vukadinović, Miloš Ognjanović, Slađana Savić.

Project budget: 8.000 EUR

Status: Active

The main objective of this project is to analyse biodistribution of MNPs within rats or mice using complementary techniques: ICP (inductively coupled plasmaspectrometry), radiotracer method, and AC susceptibility. In order to investigate the complementarity of these analytical techniques in determining the biodistribution of MNPs, nanoparticles are synthesized by substitution of Fe3O4 with rare earth elements. Nanoparticles are intravenously initiated into mice or rats. A reliable biodistribution result allows planning further research on therapeutic methods of malignant diseases with utilizing magnetic nanoparticles.