Bilateral project Serbia-France for the cycle 2020-2022

Project title: Magnetic nanocarriers as the basis of the multifunctional system for theranostic applications

Project manager: Dr. Bratislav Antić, Principal research fellow

Project budget: 8.000 EUR

Status: Active

The project is related to the interdisciplinary field of magnetic nanomedicine, and more specifically, on development of magnetic multifunctional system with therapeutic effect on a malignant tumor on magneticnanoparticles’ (MNPs) heating ability in alternating magnetic field and/or radioactivity from radiolabelledMNPs. The proposed research is addressed to a number of branches of science: physical sciences (physics of magnetic phenomena and structural properties), chemical sciences (physical chemistry, colloidchemistry, radio chemistry) and biological sciences (in vitro and in vivo tests). In vitro tests on different cancer cell lines should give answer on cell termosensitivity and understanding mechanism of interaction cell- multifunctional system with magneticnanoparticles (MNPs) as its core.