Dr Marko Perić

Dr. Marko Perić, is a Research Associate in the Laboratory for radioisotopes in the VINS.

He finished bachelor studies at Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, in 2007; and obtained a PhD title at the same Faculty in 2012. Since 2017 he is in charge for the production of 99Mo/99mTc generator. Hes career has been dedicated to the theoretical research and development of single molecular magnets and spin crossover sistems. Since 2015 his scientific work is based on development of magnetic nanoparticles labelled with radioisotopes for possible application in diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine and oncology. As part of the study on new radiopharmaceuticals, he also investigated the conditions for labelling of various compounds and nanoparticles with gamma and beta emitters (99m Tc, 131I, 177Lu, 188Re, 90Y). He had participated in FP7 project, COST action, two bilateral projects, and national projects. His publication record comprehends 14 peer-reviewed articles (h-index = 5, citations = 53), Scopus ID: 56088716600. List of publications available at https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8094-8464.