Dr Željko Prijović

Dr. Željko Prijović is recently an Research Associate at VINS.

He graduated in 1989. at Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, in field in biochemistry; got his MSc degree in 1992 and PhD degree at 1998 in the same institution at the field of medicinal enzymology. He gathered more than 16 years of international research experience at different levels, from postdoctoral fellow, distinguished postdoctoral fellow, senior scientist and principal investigator, mostly in IBMS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan and School of Medicine, University of Patras. He was ERA Chairperson from 2016-2019. at FP-7 project MagBioVin in VINS. He won two prizes in the Innocentive platform for the design of a new biomedical device for NOVO-Nordisc and research related to bi-specific antibody use in tumor therapy for GenMab. He holds two international (USA) and one national (Taiwan) patents related to anticancer research. Besides research, he has experience in demonstrating and teaching for students of graduated studies in the field of biochemistry, specifically enzymology. The main focus of his research is the development of therapies and therapeutics for human diseases, cancer being in focus for most of his carrier. The approach involves the development of small molecules from the camptothecin family, biomolecules from enzymes, antibodies, cytokines group, and nanomedicine approach mostly focused on SPIONs. He has an exceptionally broad in-hands range of techniques and know-how in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and biophysics applied in biomedical research. He is licensed for work with animals (Taiwan and Greece) and with radioactive material (Taiwan and Serbia). He is the author and co-author of 23 peer-reviewed articles and two patents (h-index = 12, number of citations = 320).