Aleksandar Vukadinović

Aleksandar Vukadinović, MPharm, has been employed at the VINS since 2013 as a researcher and specialist in drug production, regulatory affairs and drug marketing authorization. He conducts research in the field of nuclear medicine in order to obtain new radiopharmaceuticals that would meet the high standards of modern nuclear medicine and oncology, and which could be used in targeted radionuclide therapy of tumors. The goal is to obtain radiopharmaceuticals that accumulate in a high degree in tumor tissue. In the field of nanomaterials his interests include studying of biological behavior, primarily the biodistribution of nanomaterials in the body to enable the selective accumulation of therapeutic nanoparticles in the desired tissue. He has participated and is participating in various national and international projects. He is author and co-author of 8 peer-reviewed articles and 25 conference articles and presentations, Scopus ID: 56974306100. List of publications available at