Bilateral project Serbia-Slovenia for the cycle 2018-2019

Project Title: Development and optimization of surface modified, environmentally compatible magnetic nanomaterials for the elimination of radiotoxic elements (Cs, Sr, Co) from contaminated waters

Project manager: Dr. Biljana Dojčinović, Principal research fellow

Team members: Bratislav Antić, Sanja Vranjes Djuric, Miloš Ognjanović.

Project budget: 6.000 EUR

Status: Finished

The aim of this project is synthesis of structurally stable hybrid nanomaterials based on surface-modified magnetite with humic substances. The accent is on nanomaterials that must have high efficiency and adsorption capacity of radiotoxic elements from contaminated water, while their magnetic nature provides their efficient and inexpensive separation external magnets after the remediation process. The humic substances and additionally functionalized humic acid will be used for coating (modification) of the magnetite surface (Fe3O4/HA and Fe3O4/HAf). It is planned to use magnetism of formed hybrid structure in a fast and efficient separation of materials help of powerful Nd-Fe-B magnets. Three radionuclides (Cs, Sr and Co) are tested in various aqueous matrices (deionized water, groundwater, river and sea water) as a model system for remediation of contaminated water.