Dr. Jovan Blanusa

Dr. Jovan Blanuša, PhD in Physics, a Principal Research Fellow at the VINS.

He obtained his BSc degree in 1995, MSc degree in 2000, and PhD degree in 2006, all at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade. He has been employed at the “Vinča” Institute since 1995, where he has obtained the Full Research Position in 1996. First part of his career has been devoted to rare earth magnetism and its correlations with crystal field symetry. Most of his current engagements comprise nanomagnetism of 3d and 4f elements in different structure matrics, related to biomedical applications. His dominant fields of expertise are structure and microstructure investigations of polycrystalline samples based on both X-ray powder diffraction method (XRPD) and neutron diffraction, and magnetism of transition elements and rare earths. He has actively participated in projects from FP6 and FP7 programs, four bilateral projects, and five national projects. He has also participated in managing FP7-EraChair project and SCOPES project. His publication record comprehends 53 peer-reviewed articles (h-index = 14, number of citations = 554). List of publications available at https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4930-9730.