HWTL-01 Desktop Dip Coater With Temperature Chamber

HWTL-01 Desktop Dip Coater is designed specially for preparing various epitaxial films from liquid solutions. It features with precision speed controller and extra height frame for 50 to 150 mm samples. Temperature chamber is additionally added on standard system containing motor, roller, handle, pulling cable with sample holder and control system.

  • Pulling rate varies from 0.01 mm/sec. to 0.7 mm/ sec. ( 1- 40 mm/minute)
  • Digital display speed with +/-0.05% accuracy
  • Travel Distance Controller: One cycle travel distance is 80 mm or 3.14″

Technical Specifications:

  • External Power 110 V/ 220 V AC selective
  • DC Motor 110/6 V/W
  • Decelerated Ratio 1296:1
  • Pulling Rate 0.3-230 mm/min
  • Effect Diameter of Roller 38 mm
  • Effective Pulling Height 225 mm
  • Maximum Sample Size 150(H)x100(W)x2.5(T) mm
  • Minimum Pulling Loading 250 g

Dip Coater device was obtained from MTI Corporation.