Advanced techniques for physico-chemical characterization of MNPs

February 16th-21st, 2016; MagBioVin Workshop Advanced techniques for physico-chemical characterization of MNPs

Second Workshop in the MagBioVin Series of Dedicated Workshops was devoted to the ‘Advanced techniques for physico-chemical characterization of MNPs’. It was held in the Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, from February 16th to 21st 2016. Invited lecturer was Dr Beatriz Sanz Sagué, from Zaragoza, Spain.

MagBioVin project has been oriented toward establishment of an innovative research program aiming an improvement of existing and development of new methods in cancer therapy. As a prerequisite for this goal, use of different methods for cancer treatments. The training that we organized had as a goal transfer of the knowledge (know-how) from an expert with in hand the techniques, to the members of MagBioVin team. The topics covered magnetic hyperthermia and using the DM equipment including in vitro and in vivo experiments.

In the newly established Laboratory for magnetic hyperthermia, Dr Beatriz Sanz explained the aspects of magnetic hyperthermia and demonstrated measurement procedures by using experimental device to MagBioVin team members, students and collaborators from the Institute Vinca and University of Belgrade. The experimental work was carried out in groups with 3-5 participants.

Laboratory is equipped with Hyperthermia device for calorimetric measurements (7 frequencies in the range between 80 kHz and 800 kHz) and for in vivo/in vitro testing (4 frequencies in the range between 80 kHz to 200 kHz). In both set-up AC-field amplitude can be tuned continuously up to 25 kA/m. Lectures included the following aspects: Basic principles of magnetic hyperthermia, Optimization of thermal heat generation ability, Optimization of thermal homogeneity in the target tumour, Limit heating zone region close to the tumour without damaging the healthy tissue, The relationship between magnetic properties of MNPS and SAR, Sample preparation for magnetic hyperthermia and Clinical application of magnetic hyperthermia.

Experimental work comprised Measurement demonstration on the hyperthermia device, application of Software MANIAC, SAR measurements of suspensions of MNPS and Calculation and interpretation of SAR values.