Dr Vladan Kusigerski, senior scientist

email: vladank@vin.bg.ac.yu

Dr. Vladan Kusigerski was born in Belgrade where he completed elementary and high school.

He graduated at the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Physics, Belgrade, on January 1986. He is emplyed with the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Laboratory for Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics since 1986.

He obtained his MSc degree on 1993 with the thesis ‘Magnetic properties of the diluted magnetic semicoductor Y2-xGdxO’.

He obtained his PhD degree on 1998 with the thesis ‘Magnetic properties of semimagnetic semiconductors based on manganese and cobalt in some IIb group oxides and sulphides’.

The research area of dr. Kusigerski belongs to the field of Condensed Matter Physics, with the focus on magnetism and new magnetic materials.

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