Međunarodni projekti

Bilateral project Serbia-Slovenia for the cycle 2018-2019

Project Title: Development and optimization of surface modified, environmentally compatible magnetic nanomaterials for the elimination of radiotoxic elements (Cs, Sr, Co) from contaminated waters

Project manager: Dr. Biljana Dojčinović, Principal research fellow

Team members: Bratislav Antić, Sanja Vranjes Djuric, Miloš Ognjanović.

Project budget: 6.000 EUR

Status: Finished


EUREKA project for the cycle 2016-2019

Project title: Development and production of radionuclide-labeled water-dispersed magnetic nanoparticles E!9982

Project manager: Dr. Bratislav Antić, Principal research fellow

Project budget: 300.000 EUR



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