EUREKA project for the cycle 2016-2019

Project title: Development and production of radionuclide-labeled water-dispersed magnetic nanoparticles E!9982

Project manager: Dr. Bratislav Antić, Principal research fellow

Project budget: 300.000 EUR


Pure or rare earth doped magnetite based nanoparticles coated with some organic/inorganic materials are prepared and tested for possible hyperthermia and radionuclide therapy. The obtained data will be used to obtain more detailed picture on the correlation of the SAR and the materials properties. Radiolabelling of the synthesized magnetic materials covers the development of the labelling methods, the analytical methods for detection of labelled particles (chromatography, electrophoresis, HPLC), as well as the investigations of radiochemical, immunochemical and biological characteristics of labelled compounds. The project is aimed for search of optimum conditions of radiolabeled magnetite preparation: temperature, pH, ionic strength, amount of each added component and their molar ratios.