SCOPES – multilateral project “Metal-Hydride Organic Frameworks (HOF)” (2014-2017)

Coordinator: Prof. Radovan Cerny, UNI Genève, Switzerland

Project manager for Serbia:  Dr. Jovan Blanusa

Project budget: 240.000 CHF

Status: Finished

This SCOPES project has the main objective to establish a novel class of compounds combining the molecular blocks of light-weight complex hydrides with organic linkers, which can be actively used to explore the fundamental potential of designing new solids for hydrogen storage, gas adsorption and separation. The proposed methodology to characterize structure, properties and reactivity of new materials reflects the synergy of techniques used in two disciplines: coordination chemistry and materials science as applied by hydrogen storage community. The project combines a vast experience in studies of metal hydrides accumulated in Geneva with that in design and characterization of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) existing in Ljubljana and Zagreb and with experience in inorganic chemistry and crystallography in Sarajevo and Beograd. The main aim of the project is to initiate a new research which will introduce crystal engineering into the chemistry of hydrides, in order to reveal materials with new functional properties.