Other projects realized in period (2015-2020)

Joint research between Beijing University of Technology (CHINA) and Institute of Nuclear Sciences „Vinca“,2015-2018, “Design, fabrication, and application of magnetic targeting drug delivery system”,

Coorinator:Prof. YUE MING.

PI for Serbia: Dr Bratislav Antic

Project budget: 150.000 USD


Bilateral project Serbia-Slovenia for the cycle 2018-2019.

Project Title: Dynamic hysteresis in the study of magnetic nanoparticle efficacy for hyperthermia therapy

Project manager: Dr. Vladan Kusigerski, Principal research fellow

Project budget: 8.000 EUR


Bilateral project Serbia-Croatia for the cycle 2016-2017.

Project Title: Nanostructured iron oxides for environmental applications

Project manager: Dr. Bratislav Antić, Principal research fellow

Project budget: 6.000 EUR