SQUID – Magnetometer

The Quantum Design MPMS 5XL SQUID Magnetometer with Evercool uses a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) detector to monitor very small changes in magnetic flux, and is extremely sensitive for all kinds of AC and DC magnetic measurements. Magnetic moments down to 10-8 emu (10-11 Am2 ) can be measured in a reproducible way. The MPMS has a temperature range between 1.9 K and 400 K, the superconducting magnet can reach magnetic fields between -5 T and 5 T. The advantge of the Evercool Dewar is that users are not required to cart liquid He in for measurements; the Evercool recondensor ensures that once the Dewar is filled with liq. He, any evaporative loss is recondensed, with the help of an attached gas line. This makes the device very useful, and user friendly.


MS4 Mossbauer Spectrometer System

Mossbauer spectroscopy is a versatile technique, representing an essential tool for investigation of materials containing iron. It is based on the Mossbauer effect, i.e. the recoil-free emission and absorption of gamma radiation by nuclei. Ability for characterization in a sense of local probing allows determination and quantification of chemical, structural, magnetic and time-dependent properties of a material. Technique is used for examination of valence state of iron, as well as different atomic surroundings, magnetic state and in-field magnetic arrangement of magnetic iron moments. Also, it is sensitive to the relaxation phenomena due to short measuring time limited just by the Larmor precession time for iron nucleus. Beside powder samples, also thin film and liquid bio samples can be measured. Technique is highly element selective, allowing measuring of samples with very small amount of iron.


Device for Magnetic hyperthermia experiments

Devices for measuring effects of magnetic hyperthermia are among highly specialized equipment. The device in th Vinca Institute was purchased from Nanoscale Biomagnetics from Spain. It is composed of three distinct modules aimed for calorimetric measurements (DM1), in vitro experiments on cell cultures (DM2) and in vivo experiments on animal models (DM3). The design incorporates one central controlling unit, which can be attached with either of three modules at the time.The installation took place between February 15th and 18th 2016.


Rigaku Smartlab SAXS diffractometer

Rigaku Smartlab SAXS diffractometer in Magbiovin Labs was purchased from Austrian company Rofa, Rigaku’s representative for east Europe. Rigaku’s device setup concept relies on automatic recognition of any configuration change and device self-adjustment. Apart from essential components (generator, goniometer, tube), the offer includes CBO optics (both divergent and parallel beam available, on demand), vacuum channel for SAXS option, two-staged single crystal monochromator, as well as scintillation, silicone strip detectors that can be used interchangeably and Dtex 250 detector. The installation of the device was conducted between February 15th and 18th 2016. Prior to installation some additional technical conditions had to be met – installation of an additional air conditioning in the working area, thermal-sound isolation of the heat exchanger, as well as acquiring licenses for working with radiation source.

WS-650S- 6NPP/Lite Spin Processor with 650 Controller

Spin Coating is a procedure used to apply uniform thin films to flat substrates. An excess amount of a solution is placed on the substrate, which is rotated at high speed in order to spread the fluid by centrifugal force. Rotation is continued while the fluid spins off the edges of the substrate, until the desired thickness of the film is achieved. The thickness of the film beside angular speed, also depends on the concentration of the solution and the solvent.


HWTL-01 Desktop Dip Coater With Temperature Chamber

HWTL-01 Desktop Dip Coater is designed specially for preparing various epitaxial films from liquid solutions. It features with precision speed controller and extra height frame for 50 to 150 mm samples. Temperature chamber is additionally added on standard system containing motor, roller, handle, pulling cable with sample holder and control system.


FTIR Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS 50 Spectrometer is a commercial, compact, high-performance Fourier Transform IR spectrometer. In its base configuration it is designed for operation in the mid-infrared region (4000-400 1/cm). The device is equipped with three optical inputs, namely a He-Ne laser, a white light (Tungsten-Halogen near-IR) and the infrared source that are connected to the interferometer (linear-scan Vectra type). (more…)

ETHOS EASY digestor

The ETHOS EASY is specifically designed for closed vessel acid digestion, it offers perfect integration of microwave hardware, user interface, reaction sensor technology and pressure-resistant vessels. The ETHOS EASY is equipped with two magnetrons and total power of 1900 Watts. Microwave homogeneity is assured through a dedicated microwave diffuser. The cavity has a volume in excess of 70 L, and is constructed entirely of stainless steel to ensure longevity and structural integrity. A pressure-responsive door, also made of stainless steel, ensures high safety even with the most reactive samples. In a digestion process, the temperature controls the sample decomposition and directly affects digestion quality. ETHNOS EASY uses the technology that combines the fast and accurate reading of an in-situ temperature sensor with the flexibility of an infrared sensor. The temperature profile of the digestion process is displayed in real-time on the ETHOS EASY terminal. (more…)

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