Radiopharmaceuticals in Medicine

April 16th, 2016; MagBioVin Workshop Radiopharmaceuticals in Medicine- Future directions in diagnosis and therapy: multifunctional radiolabeled nanoparticles

Dedicated Magbiovin Workshop on future directions in the development of radiopharmaceuticals towards the targeted therapy was held on April 14-16th 2016. in Hotel Park, Novi Sad, Serbia. This time, Magbiovin workshop was organized as an adjoined event with the 3rd Serbian Symposium on Hybrid Imaging and Molecular Therapy with International Participation. Traditional International Symposium of Nuclear Medicine,

Update on Molecular Imaging and Molecular Therapy was organized by Medical Faculty, University of Novi Sad and Serbian Nuclear Medicine Society with the support of European Association of Nuclear Medicine EANM. International experts from medical and pharmaceutical institutions as well as potential stakeholders from Serbia took active participation in this adjoint event.Association of the Magbiovin Workshop, organized by Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, to the broadly recognized International Symposium represents significant step in the Promotion

of the Magbiovin Project to scientific public at national and European level. Our participation increased the visibility of MagBioVin excellence and awareness of its scientific goals. Presentation of project activities and research results promoted Knowledge dissemination, sharing and networking as well as Dissemination towards scientific centres and stakeholder institutions.

The symposium consisted of 8 Sessions (Novel Imaging and Targeted Therapy, Choline/PSMA PET/CT for Prostate Cancer and Beyond, Nuclear Medicine in Neuroendocrine Tumors – Imaging and Targeted Therapy, Nuclear Medicine in Neurodegenerative Disorders, Sentinel Node Imaging in Cancer, Thyroid cancer, Lung and Gastrointestinal – Routine Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Poster Session: Nuclear Medicine – Imaging and Therapy) and Scientific Magbiovin Workshop “Future directions in diagnosis and therapy: multifunctional radiolabeled nanoparticles”. Announcement and program of the event can be found at Serbian Nuclear Medicine Society website .

Magbiovin Workshop Lectures:

Penelope Bouziotis, PhD (Greece)

Radiolabeled Nanoparticles as Dual-Modality SPECT/MRI and PET/MRI Imaging Agents

Prof Helmut Maecke, PhD (Germany)

Targeting G-Protein Coupled Receptors in Cancer with Radiopeptides

Renata Mikolajczak, PhD (Poland)

Experiences in Somatostatin Receptor Scintigraphy and Future Developments

Assist Prof Marko Daković, PhD (Serbia)

Magnetic Nanoparticles in Diagnosis and Therapy: Pros & Cons

Nikola Knežević, PhD (Serbia)

Core/Shell Radiolabeled Magnetic Materials for Targeted Cancer Therapy and Imaging

Marko Perić, PhD (Serbia)

The Analysis of Magneto-Structural of Magnetic Materials for Therapy