Bilateral project Serbia-Croatia for the cycle 2019-2021

Project Title: Composites of nanoparticles of mixed oxides and hydroxides of iron and transition metals with carbon nanomaterials for photocatalytic and electrocatalytic applications

Project manager: Dr. Dalibor Stanković, Senior research associate

Project Budget: 6.000 EUR

Status: Active

The main goal of this project is development of new materials for degradation and decomposition of organic pollutants in the environment using photocatalytic and electrocatalytic (or their combination) methods. New materials prepared in this project will enable efficient decomposition of organic pollutants with the help of sunlight, as well as for photoelectrochemical production of hydrogen by separating water molecules with the help of sunlight, are intensively researched and synthesized. One of aims is doping of hematite with divalent and tetravalent metal cations, with the possibility to increase the mobility of the charge carrier and thus improve its photocatalytic properties. Carbon nanomaterials are excellent charge carriers and their composites with these nanoparticles of metal oxides have improved charge carrier transport and photocatalytic properties.