EUREKA project for the cycle 2020-2022

Project title: Development of test strips based on electrochemical (bio)sensors for determining theconcentration of disease biomarkers for the purpose of early diagnostics andprevention E!13303 (MED-BIO-TEST)

Project manager: Dr Dalibor Stanković, Senior research associate

Project budget: 300.000 EUR

Status: Active

The main objective of the Project is development and production of series of inexpensive, selective and practical test strips for the detection of various target biomarkers, along with electroanalytical procedures for each target analyte separately. Test strips will be at the same time: affordable, sensitive, specific, fast and robust and easily delivered for preventive testing and successful monitoring of important biomarkers. Diagnostic test strips created using printer inkjets by depositing biochemical reagents on paper, practical and economical.

One of the goals is also the development of miniature, sensitive and selective electrochemical sensors and biosensors for detecting and monitoring the concentration of targeted biomarkers of various diseases, from biological fluids.