ETHOS EASY digestor

The ETHOS EASY is specifically designed for closed vessel acid digestion, it offers perfect integration of microwave hardware, user interface, reaction sensor technology and pressure-resistant vessels. The ETHOS EASY is equipped with two magnetrons and total power of 1900 Watts. Microwave homogeneity is assured through a dedicated microwave diffuser. The cavity has a volume in excess of 70 L, and is constructed entirely of stainless steel to ensure longevity and structural integrity. A pressure-responsive door, also made of stainless steel, ensures high safety even with the most reactive samples. In a digestion process, the temperature controls the sample decomposition and directly affects digestion quality. ETHNOS EASY uses the technology that combines the fast and accurate reading of an in-situ temperature sensor with the flexibility of an infrared sensor. The temperature profile of the digestion process is displayed in real-time on the ETHOS EASY terminal.

The ETHOS EASY comes with a dedicated touch screen terminal with easyCONTROL software which incorporates our expertise and knowledge in microwave sample preparation. The ETHOS EASY controller is user-friendly, icon-driven and multi-language. To find the method which best suits your application, simply select one of the hundreds of preloaded methods or create a new one yourself using the intuitive software.

The SK-15 is a high-pressure and high-temperature rotor with a capacity of up to 15 PTFE-TFM vessels of 100 mL. Rotors and pressure vessels are crucial components to ensure high digestion quality and safety. Milestone’s rotors are built with high-purity PTFE-TFM, PEEK safety shields and a unique safety release mechanism.