Dr Marin Tadić

Dr. Marin Tadić has employed in June 2004. at „VINČA“ Institute of Nuclear Sciences – National Institute of thе Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade (VINS).

He received his MSc in 2007 with the thesis title: “Synthesis and magnetic properties of nanosized Ferric oxides” from Department of Physics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad. He obtained his PhD in 2009 with the thesis title: “Synthesis and magnetic properties of α-, γ- and ε- iron oxide nanocomposites” from the same institution. He has a strong background on synthesis and magnetic properties of iron oxide polymorphs, self-assembled systems, nanomaterials with various shapes and has been studying novel properties of magnetic nanostructures. He fabricates, measures and analyses soft and hard iron oxide magnetic nanostructures. He has supervised five Doctoral Thesis (two at Faculty of Physics University of Belgrade, two at Faculty of Physical Chemistry University of Belgrade and one at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Belgrade). He has been principal investigator of four bilateral projects in field of magnetic nanostructures: Serbia-France, Serbia-Slovenia, Serbia-Slovakia and Serbia-Austria. He is the first author of 25 articles and corresponding author of 29 articles (field of magnetic nanomaterials) from the first quartile of the category referenced in Journal Citation Reports. The total number of citation (exclude self-citation of all authors) is more than 1150, h-index = 22 and Scopus ID: 23104178600. Currently, he is a Principal Research Fellow at VINS, Belgrade.