Dr Drina Janković

Dr. Drina Janković is a Principal Research Fellow in the Laboratory for radioisotopes in the VINS.

She finished bachelor studies at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade, in 1987; MSc at Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, in 1996, and obtained a PhD title at the same Faculty in 2000. She has been employed at the VINS since 1992, where she has obtained the Principal Research Fellow position in 2010. In 1996. she completed a Training course on radiation protection and safe handling of sealed and unsealed radiation sources and since 2003. She has been pointed as s a visiting lecturer at VINS Education Center. She was awarded as first-place winner for the best manuscript in the International journal in the field of Nuclear Medicine in 2006. by the Society of Nuclear Medicine of Serbia and Montenegro, and by the Annual Award of the Vinča Institute for the significant scientific contribution in the field of the applied research in 2009. Her career has been dedicated to the research and the development of new radiopharmaceuticals, as well as to development of new quality control methods. As part of the study on new radiopharmaceuticals, she investigated the conditions for labeling of various compounds and nanoparticles with gamma and beta emitters (99m Tc, 131I, 177Lu, 188Re, 90Y) for possible application in diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine and oncology. She has gained experience in the investigation of the biological behavior of drugs in animal models. Most of her recent research work is dedicated to radiolabeling of magnetic nanoparticles as promising diapeutics/theranostics agents used for simultaneous diagnosis and therapy. She had participated in FP7 project, COST action, three bilateral projects, and six national projects. Her publication record comprehends 43 peer-reviewed articles (h-index = 11, citations = 373).